If everyone is moving forward together, success will take care of itself.

– Henry Ford




Focus on Speed, Access and Scale

Building on Our Successes

We’ve worked together, grown together and accomplished great things together. And now, we want to make sure we’re future-ready to strengthen Argo’s identity, prioritize speed and connectivity, and build for scale. Outlined in this RFP response are our recommended approaches to evolve our partnership, and investments we believe can transform the way we work. All with the goal towards solidifying Argo Group Communications as a driving force behind the organization’s success and that our collective team.

1. On-Demand Services For Quick Access to Experts

In addition to our core team partnering with Argo, our new expanded model would include direct access and use of brand trained experts for extensions of work, coverage, advice and execution. These team members will be “on demand” and receive quarterly quick briefings on Argo as well as participate in quarterly ideation and innovation workshops, and receive introductions to Argo team members for on demand and “rainy day” needs.

On Demand: Centers of Excellence, with Argo Brand trained back-up, advisory, overflow, consulting talent at your fingertips – to serve Pace internally as well as Argo team members with critical market-facing work.

Pace Circle of Excellence: global network of nearly 500 vetted, proven contract and freelance experts to quickly scale up for editorial, design and video needs.

Executive Leadership
Your partners and sounding board in your pursuit of results, agility and growth.

Sales Enablement Strategy
Strategic and ongoing support to equip brokers with the content, guidance, and training needed to effectively engage buyers through stronger analytics and insights to fuel our approach.

B2B Media Planning
Your cornerstone to advertising success- helping identify, claim, expand and defend your market position across channels.

MarTech, CRM Experts 
Improving communications and maximizing ROI of key tools to better connect with our audiences.

UX/ Dev/ Web Excellence Team
Expanding top design and development talent to support ongoing optimization of websites and digital assets/channels.d development talent to support ongoing optimization of websites and digital assets/channels.

2. Additional Resources and Programs for a Smarter, Faster Team

The Argo/Pace partnership is unique, built over five years to create a common language, processes and amazing work. To remain competitive, it’s all about evolving. We are looking ahead – investing in new programs to help our team accelerate development, create bench-strength and depth and get smarter about our customers. Our plan is to implement the following:

Marketing Operations Specialist as Centralized Support
We understand the importance of connected support- maintaining ongoing, consistent coverage to run the business, especially in times of PTO or illness. This San Antonio-based role will be a centralized connection point for all Argo projects- with access and visibility across the Argo program to connect the dots and ensure alignment with strategy and goals.

Internal Communications Role to Boost Comms Throughout Argo
As part of the 2022 budget, we will bridge the gap between senior leadership and the wider organization with a role responsible for shaping comms strategy, messaging and execution at all levels of the organization throughout the ecosystem.

Customer Insights to Uncover Trends
Build and expand active efforts to gather leverage insights from the voice of your customer and end-users. The changing broker landscape will continue to be the source that informs new channels and formats to communicate.

Team Training, Development and Mentoring:
Through quarterly planning initiatives, we will build our bench-strength by providing all team members with training and mentorship opportunities, sharing our marketing expertise on topics that will elevate our programs, communications and channel outreach.

Increase Pipeline of Brokers
Through our partnership with Zeta Global, we have access to targeted first-party data to attract and grow your pipeline of brokers.

Our Commitment

We know where you’ve been, know where you want to go and the level of support you expect. With that, we are committed to our partnership with a financial and resource investments as a value add to your existing budget and plans. Pace will invest 10% of total budget ($300k) toward ongoing access to on-demand resources, net new resources, and programs that will accelerate your go-to-market, improve efficiencies, and showcase Argo as a leader in the B2B Specialty Insurance market.

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Top Brands Love Us. Check Out How We Help Them Connect and Create Influence

Creating Deep Connections With Those That Matter Most

We elevate brands, develop influencers and thought leaders and reach the audiences that matter the most to them everyday. Pace pushes the envelope for our clients and across our disciplines. From websites to smart media and beyond, we look for new ways to stretch our creativity, strategic thinking and programs to unlock their highest potential and ROI. Let us continue to achieve those bold and innovative tactics for Argo. We encourage you to explore and get inspired.

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Creating Influence and Opportunity Through Thought Leadership

Beautiful design and creative can speak volumes. When coupled with insightful, persuasive ideas, it creates a powerful blend of influence and brand recognition that can distinguish Argo from the competition. In addition to our ongoing creative work, we recommend a Thought Leadership program to feed Argo’s desire to establish itself as recognized leader in B2B Specialty Insurance market. This program (and participants) will be sounding board for developing unique POVs on market trends, insights, and whitespace. This will ensure Argo stays ahead of the curve- further differentiating itself and dominating in game-changing whitespace. The Thought Leadership program will include:

Quarterly innovation ideas – we’ll serve up 3-5 unique concepts per quarter focused on transforming the ways we communicate, new channels to access..

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Quarterly roundtables virtual sessions with Pace leadership and other market influencers to identify whitespace and drive thought leadership topics.

Content editorial board – A cross-department/business unit initiative, led by Argo Group Communications and moderated by Pace, to serve as an ongoing forum to facilitate content programs, topics of interest and further encourage connections across Argo workstreams and business units.

Casting Impact Across Our Program

Our Performance and Growth Driven-Mindset

We’re never satisfied with the status quo. At each step of the way, we have an eye towards continual improvement, creating value, ensuring ROI through every interaction, every channel, every day. With The Way We Work as our foundation and Built for Speed as our next level, we will flex our expertise across programs and channels effectively and efficiently, evolving our process and programs to quickly respond to an ever-changing environment. Based on our current programs, we recommend the following four areas could further drive improvements, growth and impact:

Profitability Impact

  • Build connected Marketing Automation systems that provide increased visibility into Argo Comms programs and their contribution to revenue and lifetime value.
  • Develop lead generation opportunities via website with connectivity to CRM to provide ongoing tracking and insight on customer trends.

Creating Efficiencies

  • Host quarterly review of processes to ensure they are sound with minimal bottlenecks, contribute to decreased turnaround times and risk of error, lower production costs and increased satisfaction from our internal and external customers.
  • Maintain the highest quality and performance standards by continually assessing and reporting on key outputs and program results across the entire program.

Test and Learn

Recast and reallocate programs and budget quarterly to focus on key areas that have maximum return. Show what worked, what didn’t work, what to cut or reinvest.

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Asset Utilization

  • Create a searchable database to provide an efficient way for both internal and external clients to access Argo sales enablement, thought leadership using SalesForce’s Content Builder as we’ve done for several of our clients.
There’s excitement of evolution, there’s pain in change.
-Brian Bowen

“Coming together is the Beginning. Keeping together is Progress. Working together is Success”

– Henry Ford

Five years has come and gone, and we believe there is so much more we can achieve together. We thank you for your confidence in our partnership over the years. We’ve had many successes, learnings and growth- all achieved though the collaborative effort of smart, dedicated individuals focused on the success of Argo. It is a privilege to be a part of the Argo family and we are ready to continue this journey with you